Best Discount Brokers 2015

Broker Insider’s Top Pick: OptionsHouse
While OptionsHouse sounds like they might only do options, don’t let that fool you: OptionsHouse also has really low stock trading commissions of only $3.95 per stock trade. Plus they have a great trading platform, earning 4 1/2 stars from Barron’s annual broker survey.
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Runner-Up: Zecco Trading
Zecco used to be a better deal, but with a recent commission increase stock trades are now $4.95 each. The web trading platform is adequate for casual trading, but weaker for options or complex trades. We give special kudos to their innovative Zap Trade plug-in for Firefox, which lets you trade stocks instantly while you are visiting other financial news sites.
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Note: Broker Insider earns money when you sign up with some brokers after clicking through from this site.

Broker Insider used the following 5 criteria to calculate this discount broker ranking:

  1. Trading costs (including commissions and promotions)
  2. Platform ease of use
  3. Platform power (stop, limit, conditional orders)
  4. Community features (for ideas and self-service)
  5. Customer service