Best Online Stock Brokers 2015

Broker Insider’s Top Pick: TradeMONSTERSign up for TradeMONSTER
One look at TradeMONSTER’s interface and you’ll know you’ve found a trading platform that provides power and sophistication without overwhelming you. What’s really interesting are their wide variety of unique analysis tools, especially for setting up and trading options strategies. Commissions are $7.50 per trade, which is below the industry average.
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Runner-Up: Zecco Trading
Low commissions ($4.95 per stock trade) and an easy, no-frills interface are the big draw for Zecco Trading, making it perfect for the less frequent trader.
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Broker Insider used the following 6 criteria to calculate this online broker ranking:

  1. Platform power (order types, mobility)
  2. Data access (quotes, news, analyst reports)
  3. Profession advice and customer service
  4. Platform ease of use
  5. Trading costs (including commissions and promotions)
  6. Community features